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01/12/2020 18:42:36(GMT+8)

WinTrust Anti-Scam Certificate


SG OCASA or Singapore Online Casino Anti-Scam Alliances is a company based in Singapore which provides supportive information and services to all players and gamblers, individuals, company or betting syndicates that are in need of it. Formed in 2000 as a Support Group they offer their services, advices and offer whatever they can to help with a goal to help one another by resolving problems, practice, sharing information and offering additional resources.

SG OCASA has several registered companies in order to support people including WinTrust and WinTrust Plus programs.

Win Trust is a program in which SG OCASA advices people should they make a deposit to the required company.

SG OCASA checks if the given social media method is verified and gives a WinTrust trustmark to it so the player can make a decision. With other words WinTrust is a Brand Trust mark that gives players confidence and assurance that they will not be scammed white they play at those online casino company and that the players will get paid when they win.

Wintrust Roots

In 1991, Wintrust’s current CEO and one of the company’s founders, Ed Wehmer, set up shop in a northern Chicago suburb with a simple goal: to provide an alternative to the big banks. Now, more than twenty-five years and 175 locations later, we’ve stayed true to that original mission.

B9Casino is a proud member of WinTrust program!

B9Casino is a registered & licensed by the Board of Director of PAGCOR operates under the Master License of Gaming Services Provider. N0.0SP20-000 12-A
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