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Fish Shooting Game 2024 at B9 Online Casino Singapore

Fish Shooting has been a very popular slot fish game gambling that is rise between other casino games among the players. These exciting fish shooting games have opened up a new era for players. You are now not limited to slots that spin reels. Fish Shooting Games as another form of slots now provide you more interaction and gaming experience as compared.

What is Fish Shooting Games All About?

With slots fish shooting game at our online casino, you will be connected to the beautiful under ocean instantly. There are different mysterious underwater creatures that are waiting for you to explore! Colorful fishes, giant monster’s dragon and a lot more creatures are waiting for you to hunt.

There is no reel in this fish game online. All you have to do is just pick a gun, reload your bullets and start shooting fishes or other creatures that give you points. The more stakes that you gained, the higher chance you will have to kill those big fishes that give you more winnings. Hunt the dragon down and grab the chances to trigger the huge progressive jackpot in these fish shooting games!

A Brief Guide to Online Fish Shooting Games for New Online Casino Player

Fish shooting game is simple to play and easy to win. Our fishing game casino comes with interesting story background, built with realistic and stunning graphics. There are beautifully designed fishes, exciting bonus features that give you advantages and we give players the sense of true suspense. Get ready for the best fish shooting games at our Singapore Online Casino - B9Casino! We give you online fish games powered by Spadegaming, the top gaming provider in the online gambling industry.

Fishing War: Fish Shooting Game at B9 Online Casino Singapore

Story background of Fishing War

With the over exploitation of ocean, the fishes and ocean creatures start to lose their territory to human. This exploration of ocean has caused the ocean creatures to start fighting, turn this out to an all-out war between fishes and human. To stop the ocean war to further affect humans, we need to keep them under control! Try your best and defend human in the Fishing War. Don’t let the war to spread further.

Special Fish Shooting Features in the Game

There are 3 bosses and 4 types of fishes in this fish shooting game. In this Fishing War, defeating the big bosses will give you huge advantage! For any of the bosses: Gold Dragon, WuKong or Giant Octopus you beat, they will turn into your temporary ally. Instantly, they will help you to attack other fishes in the underwater and giving you bigger rewards for each attack!

Best Fish Shooting Game at Singapore Online Casino: Fishing God

Betting on slots games can be fun but Spadegaming has come up with new way to playing casino games where you can bet your money and earn in an interactive way. Fishing God has soon become the most popular fish shooting games among casino players once it is introduced to the gamers. It is surely a new way that players get to boost their winnings at all online casino Singapore.

Fishing God is a fishing shooting arcade game that bring the players deep into the ocean to explore and hunt. You can hunt for different ocean creatures and fishes which will reward you with generous payouts. Different creatures have they own payouts and special fishes give you more winnings.

Special Bonus Features of Fishing God Shooting Games

One thing about this fish shooting games went viral among the online casino Singapore players is their rewarding features. You wouldn’t want to miss those special creatures that multiply your winnings up. Laser Crab, Drill Crab, Bomb Crab, Flash Jelly Fish multiply your rewards up to 120x and Wheel Crab even up to 300x your bet and some reward you with Bomb and Drilling Canon.

Other special item in this fish shooting games are Golden Fortune Bag that can be triggered where you get to choose from 3 Fortune Bas and the major prize multiplier can go up to 200x of your bet.

Another surprise bonus feature of Fishing God Slots is the Dragon King. You may be rewarded with Dragon King Treasure between 10x to 300x of your bets if you managed to capture it. Fishing God is a easy to play fish shooting game that give you opportunity to hit the Jackpots in online fish shooting gambling.

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